Heather McNamara (ヘザーマクナマラ) is the fourth protagonist of Blue Cat of NYC. The third member of the Heathers clique, she helps Blue Cat with her framing. In season 2, she later on helps Blue Cat get used to her new life with the others on Earth. Her powers are based on lightning and her image color is yellow, symbolizing her optimism.

Appearance Edit

Heather McNamara has honey blonde hair and sky blue eyes. Unlike her previous reincarnations, McNamara is shorter than Blue Cat, Heather Chandler, and Duke.

She wears a yellow jacket with frilly long sleeves with a touch of black and cream buttons, a white tie with a yellow jewel, a white blouse underneath, a pleated yellow skirt with a frilly cream layer underneath, orange-yellow socks and dark yellow heels with a strap and a pale yellow puffball. McNamara also wears her hair in a low ponytail with a yellow scrunchie.

For more outfits, see Heather McNamara/outfits.

Personality Edit

McNamara is an unlucky and weak willed girl who is really strong on the inside. The essential know-it-all of the group, McNamara's job is to gather information with Blue Cat on the turtles and their friends. She can also be really sensitive, often bursting into tears whenever she is called names or someone hurts her. McNamara is the best friend of Duke, often crying into her jacket whenever she gets depressed and playing with her.

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