Heather Chandler (ヘザーチャンドラー) is the secondary protagonist of Blue Cat of NYC. Leader of the Heathers clique, she helps Blue Cat with her framing. In season 2, she later on helps Blue Cat get used to her new life with the others on Earth. Her powers are based on fire and her image color is red, symbolizing her strength and power as the leader.

Appearance Edit

Heather Chandler has long blonde hair and misty eyes. She is slightly taller than Blue Cat and taller than Heather Duke, McNamara, and Veronica Sawyer.

She wears a red blazer with two gold buttons, a pocket and a small "H" on the right side of her chest, a white tie with a red gem, a white blouse underneath with gold buttons, a pearl grey skirt with a darker part at the bottom and white-gold lining, black-white-red socks and black Mary Jane shoes with red buttons. Chandler also wears some of her hair down while wearing a small portion of her hair in a ponytail with a red scrunchie.

For more outfits, see Heather Chandler/outfits.

Personality Edit

Chandler is shown to be a beautiful yet toxic girl, often using her power to get what she wants, such as blackmailing the Turtles and their friends to frame them for the theft. She is slightly self-centered and petty, often telling Heather Duke to shut up a few times. However, she also doubts Blue Cat later on, questioning whether or not she should have helped with the crime. She is also close to Blue Cat, always seen by her side.

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